Rig Marole Team

Mike Madeley - Consultant

I've been fishing for around 20 years,started on the river Nene catching eels and roach ect..Im a member of the BCSG (British Carp Study Group) which is something im proud off. I fish all over the country,as i like to visit various venues and take on the challenges they present. My most memorable catch was Swanny from Elsons lake. Being ex Army i fully support carping4heroes and also take part in the Army Carp Championships (ACC) as well as representing the Army team in the PTSD Charity carp cup. I also regularly write various Articles in the On line Talking Carp ma

Personal Bests: Common 41lb 2oz, Mirror 33lb 6oz

Overseas 40lb 2oz Mirror

Ashley Mount - Consultant

As the son of a sea fisherman with fishing boats I was always going to have a long standing love affair with the sport. After 30 years of carp angling I've been fortunate to fish some prestigious venues in Essex and Kent in the main.

I spent the early years on Arena Essex, Aveley Lakes, Shotgate Farm, Waveney Valley and Larkfield, before moving on to the iconic Darenth Tip lake in the mid 90’s and consider these years to be the most enjoyable and educational in my angling career.

Over the years I've amassed 100's of 30's and have a current uk personal best carp of 47lb 2oz and 61lb abroad.

I still enjoy my fishing as much today as those first casts on Chigborough Fisheries where i cut my teeth in 1990.

The addition of a carp dog incidentally really helps by the way!! In recent times I've been exclusively fishing the Lily Fisheries venues around Essex and Cambridgeshire and am currently hunting a 40lb common that has managed to elude me all these years.

I do have a busy life outside of fishing and live at home in Essex with my partner of over 21 years plus carp dog. Work life balance is very important to me too so my fishing time has to be carefully managed.

I am a consultant for a bait company as well as the Sonik uk team and enjoy the pleasures that sharing knowledge of tackle/bait advice can bring.

The advancement in angling products over the years always amazes me, so naturally I'm excited to be part of the Rig Marole team with the opportunity to use, test and promote their great range of innovative products.

Although I fish pretty much exclusively alone in this country I love a bit of a social along with the next guy so if you see me out and about please stop for a chat.

Alistair White - Consultant

I first started carp fishing at the age of 11 in the mostly carp-less South Wales before progressing to some club lakes around Bristol and then graduating to the larger pits of the Cotswold Water Park, then in 2009 I relocated to the hallowed turf of the Colne Valley. Since then I have pitted my meagre wits against some of the larger and wilder venues the valley has to offer and that’s where you will still find me now, fruitlessly chasing myths and rumours for the most part.

I was first introduced to the Rig Marole product range several years ago by long time user and good friend Rupert Whiteman. Since then I have spent many evenings at the Horton Lodge rifling through his various tackle boxes/pouches/bags whilst he busily tied his meticulous rigs. I may occasionally have accidentally left his swim hiding a few metres of something I shouldn’t have over the years, so when John asked me if I would be interested in joining the team I did first wonder if it was to stem my bankside kleptomania. Jokes aside what interested me most about joining Rig Marole was that the products represent absolute innovation. Instead of being just another leader or just another coated braid, each product is uniquely different and specifically designed to do a specific job in a very different way to other products on the market. I’m looking forward to seeing what value I can bring to the team in terms of product feedback and development over the coming years and hopefully bagging a few beasts along the way (if they actually exist).

Personal Bests: UK Common 46lb 05oz Mirror 47lb 02oz

Michael McMahon - Consultant

I started my angling journey many moons ago fishing local beaches and piers with my father. The seeds of my obsession for carp were planted 24 years ago when a friend introduced me to his parent’s pond that was about half an acre and full of carp to 10lb. From this I fished many local waters for other species and larger carp with some success. My angling started to really evolve around 19 years ago upon joining my first syndicate. Since then I have enjoyed the challenge of more difficult waters and the many trials and tribulations they bring. I have been fortunate enough to catch eight English forties along the journey. I only have very limited angling time due to a small family. I get out on the bank for short overnighters and I know by using Rigmarole end tackle it helps maximise my rig concealment and doesn’t let you down, putting more fish on the bank. The range of products is going from strength to strength with more products in development. My favourites are the Micro Braided Freefall tubing, Camh20 Fluro and the ever faithful Hydrolink I can safely say im 110% confident in using the products and just have to worry about location!

Personal bests: Common carp 42lb 2oz. Mirror carp 45lb 8oz. Overseas: 53lb 2oz.

Giordano Bottazzi - Consultant

I live in northern Italy, for about 10 years I have been dedicated to carp fishing, I frequent Italian lakes and rivers. In the past few years I have had experience in the field with kryston, Black label Baits, I have been collaborating with nutrabaits for about three years. I am happy to be here now in the Rig Marole family to give you my best advice and support in the future.

Jono Arkins - Consultant

I was first introduced to Rigmarole products about 4 years ago, while fishing in Abbey Lakes complex in France by the bailiff at the time Rupert Whiteman. We all know in the carping fraternity what a pressured venue this can be. I was introduced to a rig using rigmarole Hydrolink, a material so versatile for tying countless variations by stripping out the inner core. This specific rig and hook link material has been part of my tackle box ever since and I believe has been pivotal in putting countless weary carp on the bank for me.

Dan Burke - Media

My dad started my interest in fishing, from the age I could hold a rod, I was hooked! Aged 10 I got my first bite alarm & the bug for carp fishing started. I started fishing Tilgate park in Crawley about 4 years later. In my first season I banked my first proper carp - the Perfect Linear at 18lb. A few years later I had the Big Leather & decided to move on. A real turning point in my fishing was 10 years ago when I started fishing a local syndicate. It was here I started targeting individual carp I wanted to catch. Around this time I also found Rigmarole. To start with I was using just a few bits & pieces that worked well for me. Their unique products suit my style of angling & targeting specific carp. You have to have the upmost confidence in your end tackle & that’s what keeps me glued to Rigmaroles gear. It’s difficult to say what my favourite product is as all the components I use I couldn’t be with out now! But if I had to choose it would be the free fall tubing in conjunction with Hydro link. For me there’s nothing on the market that compares. My fishing time is limited having a young family & working Shifts but on average I get in around 2/3 nights a month. The restriction on my time hasn’t stopped me banking some amazing fish over the past few years. I’ve had 22 30s from 9 different waters & 2 40s. Waters ranging from small ponds to 70 acre gravel pits. I’m looking forward to meeting like minded anglers in the team & working on some ideas I have.

Personal Bests; UK Mirror 47lb Common 36lb - Overseas Mirror 76lb 8oz Common - 41lb 8oz

Gary Fazackerley - Media

I'm 36 year old vehicle diagnostic technician currently working with prestige and sports cars. I'm a committed family man, wife and two kids with a huge passion for angling. I started fishing with my dad around the age if 6. Dad was a carp angler, fishing a few club waters so I guess the gene followed suit. I progressed from float fishing when I was in my early teens when I started catching carp in the local canals. Since then I have fished a wide variety of venues from day ticket lakes, canals, rivers, silty estate lakes, Park lakes to large windswept gravel pits. I don't get huge amounts of time on the bank, mainly short overnighters, quick morning sessions with the occasional weekend for good measure. Originally from Surrey I've recently moved to the northwest town of Southport. I'm looking forward with the help of rigmarole to explore what the northwest has to offer.

Personal Bests: UK Common 41 lb 12oz Mirror 36lb 10oz

Tony Collins - Media

With around 20yrs experience in the carp scene after moving over from match fishing . I have been lucky enough to have worked in France for 3 years as a bailiff catching carp to 63Lbs. The lure of a UK 40Lbs fish drew me back home. Whilst this still eludes me I have had a UK 39Lbs 15oz. Joining the rigmarole team has transformed my fishing massively giving me complete confidence in my rigs and tactics . The team are always looking to open up new doors in the carp world going from strength to strength developing new amazing terminal tackle with a difference. Giving you the ultimate edge over other anglers.

Stuart Halls

For me, now, its all about the planning and preparation behind the capture. Ill spend days just watching a water and finding the fish. When I started fishing a good 35 years ago it was all about getting the line in the water as soon as possible, surely you had to do that to catch? But as time went on I started to notice subtle differences on the waters I was fishing, the odd fizz here, a little clear patch there, or the ever so slight swirl on the surface of a pond indicating a fish getting ‘tails up’, the tell tale signs that were once easily missed but that I now know are as invaluable as bait presentation and set up. My work also affords me many opportunities to fish places that have only really been poached or are completely inaccessible, working in the water industry certainly has opened up doors in certain areas, not necessarily to massive fish, but definitely to areas that have seen little or no fishing action, and when I have to work away, Ill always head for the bankside rather than a hotel room.

UK PB’s 35lb leather 36lb mirror 35lb common

Outside of the UK 57lb common 54 mirror

Jacob Herford

At the age of 25 I like to think I’ve built a range of knowledge and experience considering I’ve been fishing most of my life and carp fishing for 14 years now. The tench fishing was the progression from the float to the want then to enter the world of carp fishing. I’ve been very blessed to have been around some top anglers from a very young age, maturing me and teaching the art of respect. Fishing the Essex quarry at the tender age of 14 opened my eyes to the world of big fish fishing and I’ve been fixed on the obsession since. Most of my fishing is around small waters in Essex fishing for carp with a story and plenty of character. Landing two different uk 40 pounders in the last two years and multiple 30 pounders along the way. I enjoy the challenge and looking to ‘unlock’ a venue as best I can. I worked within the brand Tails Up for two years which in turn has made me very particular about my baiting approach which plays a huge factor within your fishing along with obviously those vital rig components. Which brings me onto Rig Marole which has been around for a long time now and is known for it’s solid innovative products which I have used to good effect within my own fishing and look forward to putting more of it to good use! I bought a DSLR in 2016 with a want to improve my catch shots and the alternative shots we can create from our passion. So with this I hope I can bring something a little different to the team and look forward to the future.

Pb mirror 44 4, Pb common 40 4

Carl Adcock

I'm 35 years old and I've been fishing since I was a kid, I try and go every weekend to clear the head. It's not all about big carp to me I also like the pretty ones and the old scaly ones. I'm a big fan of old English carp. Even though I've been fishing for years, you learn something new every time. My PB is 38LB 6oz (Lynch Hill's Baby Orange). Out of my 5 years of fishing the dark side I started on Newlands angling for a year. I then progressed from there to Lynch Hill. started on willow and done really well from there and basically worked my way up to Christchurch awesome place!!! I then had a go at Orchid as it was only up the road from me. I just loved the strain of fish in there proper old warriors, I stayed there for 3 years until my syndicate come through for Guys Syndicate. Where you get a choice of 3 lakes with a good head of fish up to 53LB. And I'm a member of the Angler's against cancer.

Chad West

I started fishing over 30 years ago. From about the age of six. Fishing my local park lakes and rivers. Fishing for roach, perch, tench and really anything that came along at the time lol, caught my first carp at the age 11then In my later years ie; when I could afford a car I moved on to the big pits, and more tougher venues, also done a bit of field testing for Carp Company and Sticky Baits.

Personal Bests: Mirror 40lb Common 34lb, Overseas: Mirror 46lb, Common 33lb

Stephen Payne

I am 47 and from Middlesbrough, I have been carp fishing for around 9 years mainly fishing day ticket lakes around the Northeast. I got introduced to Rig Marole about 2 years ago and have been using the products ever since. For the last couple of years I have been fishing a few syndicates. This year I have joined Grendon Hope Lake which is a 17 acre low stocked water, So far I have been enjoying it there catching 7 fish to 33lb in 4 sessions. I try and get out at least twice month and travel overseas at least once a year.

Personal Bests: Common 33lb Mirror 27lb. Overseas: Common 42lb Mirror 51lb

Russell Crisci

I have fished for carp for about 30 years now. I started as a kid with my dad sea fishing and then on to float/feeder fishing and pole fishing for all species.

These days I fish for carp on a Variety of different waters on limited time (usually 24hrs a week) as I have work & family commitments like most. I am a Bailiff for a Kent club and that time also allows me to suss & prep areas if I'm currently fishing those waters at the time

This definitely helps with the limited fishing time available.

I have UK pbs of 57lb 8oz Common & 41lb mirror but I still enjoy getting out catching carp of all sizes & social sessions with my mates from time to time.

The rigs I tend to use are always simple but effective, everything is thought about.

Since joining Rig Marole you can tell that every item has a purpose ,not a vast range just for the sake of sales.

Scott Payen

I’m from west London and have been river fishing for 20 years , catching some lovely barbel from various stretches . I fancied a new challenge 3 years ago and started carp fishing. Using a mobile stalking approach I’ve had great success on the lakes in that time . I’m a bailiff on the Thorney weir / Mets complex . I’ll usually be found up a tree somewhere around the lake watching and learning .

PB mirror 39lb 6 oz, PB common 33lb

Dale Hatt

I’ve been carp fishing for 25 years - at the moment I have very little time on the bank as I have a young family, so I’m very much a weekend angler, or I do a quick over nighter and go straight to work. That makes my time very valuable to me, so having confidence in the end tackle I’m using is paramount. I like to focus on one water and a couple of special target fish, and I’m a boilies angler so use a lot of bait to trip them up.

Robert James Rudge

I'm 45 year old family man with 2 teenagers to care for so working is a must my role as a kitchen manager keeps me very busy at times but on my 2 separate days off I like to fish my club water normally from Sunday late afternoon to Monday midnight and my 2nd day I'm normally doing house choirs and or doing work parties on my other local club lake and if I have time I would like to flick a couple of rods out for the rest of the day. I've been fishing for about 6 years and for the past 4 years I mainly fish for carp. I'd like to fish a French venue some day when I have the time and money just to see what it's all about as I've never a session over 60hrs as yet.
I have also been associated with a couple of bait companies but that weren't for me so joining Rig Morale is a different side of the team members thing and it's good to see what other team members do with all the wide range of products that are available and look forward to doing some testing of new products in the pipeline so all the hard work has been done for all you guys out there.

Personal Bests: UK Common 27lb and Mirror 35LB.