Ryan Went

I am 24 and from sunny kent! Fish all type of venues from clubs to day ticket even the unknown forgotten lakes! Happy to have been given the chance to be apart of the Rig Marole team!

Bod Knight

I’ve been fishing for around 12 years now, I fish a couple of charity advents a year to raise funds i have a syndicated ticket on frimley pits 1&2 but I also fish day ticket waters up and down the country and to have a few socials with friends, But a big part of my fishing is taking my 6 year old Son with me 98% of the time to teach him the sport we all love. We also go to France once a year as well for a week.

Personal Bests: Mirror 30lb, Common 41lb 10oz, Overseas: Mirror 33lb

Adam Parker

I’m a family man and a passionate carp angler. Almost every waking moment my minds on the water pigs. I’m a day ticket angler that loves trying to workout a new lake in a short time and catch them pressured carp. I’m very fortunate to have plenty of time to get onto the bank, and even more so getting to fish weekdays due to working shift. My 2018 is focused on upper 30’s and then breaking that 40lb barrier. Which I’m confident I’ll do, now I’m a member of a great tackle company in Rig Marole. But as most carpers will agree, all carp are more than welcome to hit the net.

Personal Bests: Common 32lb 3oz Mirror 32lb 2oz

Jono Arkins

I was first introduced to Rigmarole products about 4 years ago, while fishing in Abbey Lakes complex in France by the bailiff at the time Rupert Whiteman. We all know in the carping fraternity what a pressured venue this can be. I was introduced to a rig using rigmarole Hydrolink, a material so versatile for tying countless variations by stripping out the inner core. This specific rig and hook link material has been part of my tackle box ever since and I believe has been pivotal in putting countless weary carp on the bank for me.

George Jenner

In recent years I have fished in Kent, both Stillwater’s and the Medway River. My work took me to the midlands and I fished the pride of Derby waters and Nott’s Angling with the River Trent and the Attenborough Nature Reserve. Now, during pre-season I fish my home syndicate in Kent until spawning time and then it will be time to hit the rivers. I prefer to fish for the wild river carp, my work takes me all over the uk and wherever possible I work days and fish nights. River work is tough on your gear, snags and fast flows teamed up with the wily river fish will ruin your gear if it’s not up to the task, I use FLX main line in either 15lb or 20lb, it’s great for casting and resilient, the braided rig tubing keeps everything pinned to the deck and the free fall lead clip are a must to drop the lead and the clip, better control of the fish and an improved chance of a fish in the net. My hook links are either extreme hydrolink or camh20 depending on conditions. Stripped out the hydrolink is the most supple material I’ve used and well behaved in the water, presenting my bait as naturally as possible. I’m not here to tell you to go with rigmarole, any salesman could do that. But I’ll show you why I do.

Personal Bests: 47lb 12oz Mirror, Overseas: 46lb 6oz Common, 57lb 9oz Mirror

Chad West

I started fishing over 30 years ago. From about the age of six. Fishing my local park lakes and rivers. Fishing for roach, perch, tench and really anything that came along at the time lol, caught my first carp at the age 11then In my later years ie; when I could afford a car I moved on to the big pits, and more tougher venues, also done a bit of field testing for Carp Company and Sticky Baits.

Personal Bests: Mirror 40lb Common 34lb, Overseas: Mirror 46lb, Common 33lb

Stephen Payne

I am 47 and from Middlesbrough, I have been carp fishing for around 9 years mainly fishing day ticket lakes around the Northeast. I got introduced to Rig Marole about 2 years ago and have been using the products ever since. For the last couple of years I have been fishing a few syndicates. This year I have joined Grendon Hope Lake which is a 17 acre low stocked water, So far I have been enjoying it there catching 7 fish to 33lb in 4 sessions. I try and get out at least twice month and travel overseas at least once a year.

Personal Bests: Common 33lb Mirror 27lb. Overseas: Common 42lb Mirror 51lb

Gary Fazackerley

I'm 36 year old vehicle diagnostic technician currently working with prestige and sports cars. I'm a committed family man, wife and two kids with a huge passion for angling. I started fishing with my dad around the age if 6. Dad was a carp angler, fishing a few club waters so I guess the gene followed suit. I progressed from float fishing when I was in my early teens when I started catching carp in the local canals. Since then I have fished a wide variety of venues from day ticket lakes, canals, rivers, silty estate lakes, Park lakes to large windswept gravel pits. I don't get huge amounts of time on the bank, mainly short overnighters, quick morning sessions with the occasional weekend for good measure. Originally from Surrey I've recently moved to the northwest town of Southport. I'm looking forward with the help of rigmarole to explore what the northwest has to offer.

Personal Bests: UK Common 41 lb 12oz Mirror 36lb 10oz

Carl Adcock

I'm 35 years old and I've been fishing since I was a kid, I try and go every weekend to clear the head. It's not all about big carp to me I also like the pretty ones and the old scaly ones. I'm a big fan of old English carp. Even though I've been fishing for years, you learn something new every time. My PB is 38LB 6oz (Lynch Hill's Baby Orange). Out of my 5 years of fishing the dark side I started on Newlands angling for a year. I then progressed from there to Lynch Hill. started on willow and done really well from there and basically worked my way up to Christchurch awesome place!!! I then had a go at Orchid as it was only up the road from me. I just loved the strain of fish in there proper old warriors, I stayed there for 3 years until my syndicate come through for Guys Syndicate. Where you get a choice of 3 lakes with a good head of fish up to 53LB. And I'm a member of the Angler's against cancer.

Ashley Mount

In nearly 30 years of carp angling I've been fortunate to fish some prestigious venues in Essex and Kent in the main. From the early years on Arena Essex, Aveley Lakes, Shotgate Farm, Waveney Valley and Larkfield, i moved on to Darenth Tip lake in the mid nineties and consider these years to be the most enjoyable and educational in my angling career. Over the years I've amassed 100's of 30's to 44lb 4oz and carp to 58lb abroad and still enjoy my fishing as much today as those first casts on Chigborough Fisheries where i cut my teeth in 1990. The addition of a carp dog incidentally really helps by the way!! In recent times I've been exclusively fishing the Lily Fisheries venues around Essex and am currently hunting a 46lb fish that has managed to elude me. The advancement in angling products over the years always amazes me, so naturally I'm excited to be part of the Rig Marole team.

Tony Collins

With around 20yrs experience in the carp scene after moving over from match fishing . I have been lucky enough to have worked in France for 3 years as a bailiff catching carp to 63Lbs. The lure of a UK 40Lbs fish drew me back home. Whilst this still eludes me I have had a UK 39Lbs 15oz. Joining the rigmarole team has transformed my fishing massively giving me complete confidence in my rigs and tactics . The team are always looking to open up new doors in the carp world going from strength to strength developing new amazing terminal tackle with a difference. Giving you the ultimate edge over other anglers .

Robert James Rudge

I'm 45 year old family man with 2 teenagers to care for so working is a must my role as a kitchen manager keeps me very busy at times but on my 2 separate days off I like to fish my club water normally from Sunday late afternoon to Monday midnight and my 2nd day I'm normally doing house choirs and or doing work parties on my other local club lake and if I have time I would like to flick a couple of rods out for the rest of the day. I've been fishing for about 6 years and for the past 4 years I mainly fish for carp. I'd like to fish a French venue some day when I have the time and money just to see what it's all about as I've never a session over 60hrs as yet.
I have also been associated with a couple of bait companies but that weren't for me so joining Rig Morale is a different side of the team members thing and it's good to see what other team members do with all the wide range of products that are available and look forward to doing some testing of new products in the pipeline so all the hard work has been done for all you guys out there.

Personal Bests: UK Common 27lb and Mirror 35LB.

Matt England

I'm 30 years of age and a business owner from Essex. I've been fishing ever since I was a small child, starting out over park lakes float fishing, until I was introduced to carp fishing around the age of 10 where I have not looked back since. After several successful trips to France through my teens fishing various lakes, I now concentrate my fishing in England. I do most of my fishing at ' White Lakes ' in Maylandsea, Essex which is owned by a close family member which stock a good head of fish, of which my current UK PB of 35lb is currently held. A common known as 'Double Belly'. I'm also pleased to be apart of the Black Lagoon Fishery which is where I will split my time this season fishing in search of some old scaily warriors.

Personal Bests: Common 35lb 8oz, Mirror 32lb 6oz

Overseas: 47lb 5oz Mirror

Chris Wake

I've been fishing from an early age "about 6", I started going with our neighbours eel fishing on the thames, as we grew up my mates and i progressed to course fishing for roach, perch and whatever came along and scrapping together what tackle we could afford doing odd jobs. My teen years were spent match fishing with local clubs mostly in deepest Kent for tench and bream and small carp then venturing further afield to the river Kennett for barbel, chub and big roach. In my 20's I found i preferred carp fishing as the mainstay of my angling and in the 80's gearing up for that and spend most of my money on tackle apart from a few breaks to go sea fishing carping has become my life, I'm currently fishing for one of two 50's on my membership lake "Darenth big lake" although they have eluded me so far.

Personal Bests: 46lb 8oz Overseas: 68lb

Antony Marrs

I've been a keen angler for over 30 years now and have fished a variety of different venues in my home county of kent over the last 2 decades. Last year i managed to get on the winghams syndicate and look forward to the next few seasons on there. Most of my angling is just one overnighter a week and have to make the most of my time. Rigmarole products has been the forefront of my main terminal tackle for over 10 years now and have total confidence in all that i use. Confidence is key !!!!

Personal Bests: UK common 44lb 6oz Mirror 45lb 7oz

Andrew Batty

I've been using the rigmarole products for quite a few years now, my favourite had to be the skinful and hydrolink. Skinful is awesome for 90% of my fishing, but when fishing anywhere snaggy or full of weed its has to be one of the hydrolink as this undoubtedly the strongest hooklinkI've ever used. Most of my fishing is done fairly local to home/Yorkshire where I've had carp to 43lb

Personal Best: Mirror 43lb Common 38lb 8oz Overseas: Common 50lb 4oz Mirror 49lb 15oz