Rig Marole Field Testers

Neville Rice

neville riceIt was back in the late 80s my dad first took me fishing to a local day ticket and planted the seed for the love of fishing.
I then progressed from going with my dad, to going  with friends down the local river and joining the local club where i used a quiver tip. Then a  quiver tip and a carp rod and before long i had two carp rods out!
Since those days I have fished a few 'off the radar waters' catching some uncaught bars of gold, and of late i have found myself  on the more pressured waters chasing fish in excess of 50lb. 

For me tho its not all about the catching although it is still very important. I love just being outside waking up with mist rolling off the lake fish showing and a nice cup of tea after returning a chunk in the early hours. Priceless.
My UK Pbs are a 42.10oz common and a 41.08 mirror. Favourite Rig Marole product is CAMH2O and if you’re offering me a drink… tea please!

Nigel Sharp

Occupation: Angler and writer

nigelI've been a keen angler since the age of 6, and a carp angler since the age of 14. Now at 47 I've several years of experience behind me ranging from targeting big fish on small tricky waters to elusive and virtually unknown carp in large waters. I've caught mirrors, commons and leather carp over 45lbs and although I'm unlikely to beat certain PBs again I still love most forms of carp fishing. I'll even have a go at catching smaller carp from my local canal during the winter months and get a buzz from doing it.

Favourite drink: is tea


52lbs12 oz,common
46lb10oz mirror
45lb leather

Fave Rig Marole products

Camh20, bore rings and Hydrolink.
Goals for 2015
To catch a 40+ fully scaled and also up my PB mirror

Daniel Leney

Occupation - School teacher

daniel leneyAs a really passionate angler I manage to get out four nights a week and only get one ticket per year. This gives me the opportunity to really zone in on a water and get a feel of where the big pit carp go. The last 30 years of carp fishing has been amazing chasing old, mythical, pretty English carp some of which don’t have names just stories. My real focus for the next year is to concentrate on finishing off my list of targets on the Island lake at Horton and the odd overnighter on the Thames which is right next to my house. When the opportunity arises I don’t mind the odd trip abroad just to change things up but my main focus is trying to outwit the ones that don’t get caught. I cant see this changing soon and with the backing of Rig Marole I have the confidence to fish where I like knowing the terminal tackle I use will stand up to the job.

Favourite drink- London Pride, Doom Bar and Guiness all get used efficiently


Mirror 46lb.10 common 46lb.6

Without doubt the best products around for my fishing are free fall lead clips, due to the large leads I use and camh20 flurocarbon. The way I use the fluoro is to get 10m and use as a leader direct to my braid that I fish with. When it kinks a simple pull and its back to normal and a BS of 25lb can cope with huge rafts of weed gravel bottoms. If you haven’t been on it yet then your loss when it comes to fluorocarbon this is without doubt the best.

My main goal for this year are a pair of carp in the Island lake the Zanussi and the Space hopper both could top 50lb and being uncaught for years wets the appetite especially when you see them from the boat. Not to be too greedy a 40lb out the Thames has been on my mind for a few years with many thirties done the elusive 40+ still haunts me so back on it again this year.

Dean Marshall, 41

Occupation: Brick layer

dean marshalMy name is Dean Marshall. I'm a bricklayer by trade, but have just started a bait company called ID Bait developments. I’ve always made bait so this was a natural progression. I'm 41 years old and have fished all my life, not just for carp also do a lot of sea fishing as well to competition level. I grew up cutting my teeth on the famous School Pool in the eighties, and have fished quality waters all over the south of England. My favourite drink is tea as I don't drink alcohol. My English pb is 46lb 10oz mirror carp, 44lb 8oz common carp. Favourite Rig Marole products are Freefall Leders, Hydrolink Micro and Free Fall lead clips. This set up accounts for 95% of my fishing– it’s simple but deadly. I’m currently chasing a proper Kent common that usually comes out at about 45lb , but usually only once a year. Watch this space!


Jason Dunne, 43

Occupation – Road Surfacing Supervisor

jason dunneWhich mainly consists of night working so a few day sessions a week if I can fit them in along with a Saturday & Sunday night.

Current Uk P.B

Mirror 38.14 & Common 36.8.

My Favourite drink is Tea along with a cider or two in the finer weather so if you’re ever passing by stick your head in for a brew and a chat.

I have been fishing since the age of 12 fishing local rivers and day ticket waters for all species, I then began to get a taste for carp at 17 years old still targeting day ticket and club waters before moving on to syndicate waters.

At present I am fishing three syndicate tickets, one being non-publicity and another one is a gravel pit full of history and prolific carp which I have been lucky to get on to that is very low stocked, at present I have done 14 nights but have not be fortunate enough to get amongst the fish.

During the year I do a few local and further a field Carp Cup matches and been fortunate to take 1st place in 2013 and 2014 along with finishing in the semi finals during a carp match and various other positions but during 2015 I will be concentrating on my fishing and have been lucky to get on a few new pits where some stunning carp reside.

My favourite and most used material is the Skinfull and CamH20 for most of my fishing with the Bore Rings combined with the Free Fall Lead Clips and ring piece swivels.

I will use the hydro link on certain waters depending what I am fishing with and over - so a lot depends on the day and circumstances of where I am too.


Ryan Wickens

ryan wickensMy names Ryan Wickens and i’m 17 years old and currently at college. I’ve been angling since I was about 12 and to me fishing isn’t just a hobby it’s an addiction. I try and get out on the bank as much as I can - doing at least two overnighters a week and fishing most weekends. I fish a lot of the Medway Valley waters and I’m currently targeting one of their harder lakes hopping to bag one of the big commons which could break the 50lb mark this year. Only a few weeks ago I landed my first UK 40 from my target lake this year and as it happened it was the biggest mirror in the lake weighing 40lb 2oz. Now for the big common!
When i was 13-14 I had an opportunity to go out to France for the week and had a session of a life time landing many fish including five 50lb+ mirrors to 53lb. The lake was fishing hard but I decided to be different from every one else and keep it simple using throwing sticks and casting my baits out where every one else was rowing out to find there spots or using a bait boat (that's not my type of fishing). I would have to say that my favourite Rig Marole product would have to be the Freefall Lead Clips. The main reason for this would be the fact that all of the waters that I fish are either really weedy or have a lot of snags. These lead clips ensure I lose the lead giving me more chance of landing the fish.
My targets for 2015 are to catch my first UK 40 common and to catch the big common out of a small lake I’m fishing which goes 35-37lb.
UK Pb mirror 40lb 2oz ghosty UK Pb common 31lbFrench Pb 53lb

John ‘Nicho’ Nicholas

Occupation: Sales at Total Angling Shrewsbury.

Consultant with Wychwood Tackle, Nutrabaits and Rig Marole. I’m also a Level 2 Angling Coach.

nichoNicho has been carp fishing for over 35 years spending his time mainly on the tough private Mere's around Cheshire and Shropshire but also on some of the secluded estate lakes and pools. With not being a huge fan of busy waters it is no surprise he favours the wild and quiet mere's over the busy day ticket venues, but each to there own. Stalking and close range fishing is his preferred method, watching, studying and pre-baiting before setting traps. This utilises his time on the bank as best as possible as long sessions don't happen at the moment due to family and work commitments. Nicho is also an accomplished all round angler enjoying fishing for Barbel, Pike and any specimen fish, which is beneficial for coaching situations although Carp are his passion.

Favourite Drink: Belgium Beer or tea on the bank.

UK PB: A very well earned 36lb common from a tough Mere.

Favourite Rig Marole Product: Bore rings, Hydrolink and CamH20 amongst many.

2015 Fishing Goal: A very big fish from a 200 acre mere with only a handful in. On going goal.....

Adam Honeysett, 36

Occupation: Store manager

Favorite drink - Baileys

Uk pb- 45.04 Mirror

adam honeysettI have been fishing since I was around 5 years old but carp fishing for best part of 20 years now. For around 12 years due to work/ family commitments I probably didn't do much more than 20 nights a year. Thankfully due to a change in job I manage to fish at least one over nighter and a 24 hour session every week. I have been with Rig Marole now for around nine years. The products and on going ideas are good as well as thinking about fish safety along the way. My favourite Rig Marole products are Freefall Lead Clips, Skinfull and Hydrolink. These all play a vital part in my fishing and the Skinfull, well if you strip all the coating off you wont get a stronger or more supple braid. My goals for this year fishing the Monks pit among others is purely and simply to just keep catching carp.


Kevin Hughes

Occupation - dock worker

Favourite drink – Jack Daniels

UK-pb 32lb mirror

Favourite rigmarole product- drop off clips-hydrolink-skinfull-h2o-bore rings.

kevin hughesI started my fishing career eight years ago fishing Broadlands Lake in Hampshire but then things began to take off entering the match scene;
reaching two BCAC semi-finals and winning the first Broadlands Carp Cup. To be honest I really enjoy carp fishing in general. If you were to ask my wife she would say I’m obsessed and I think she may be right.
I managed to catch quite a few carp and began to make quite a few friends in the circle as they say. One friend, who I’m sure many of you know, is Les Bowers, who along with Nigel Harris gave me the chance to join Rig Marole.
The range of products is so unique and I find this in the way they are designed to improve your catch rate and for me in general i cant thank them enough. One of my favourite products, and there are so many, is the Freefall Lead Clip. There isn’t anything like it on the market. You lose the lead and the clip every time making it ideal for weedy waters and you can cast at range which makes it an all-rounder. There is a saying - would you rather go home with your lead which cost a pound, or lose the lead and catch a thirty? I know my choice.

I’m currently in two syndicates for this year - Leveretts in Glastonbury and Southern Pit in Hampshire. My goals are to try and catch my first uk forty.

Andrew Batty, 29

Occupation: machine setter

Favourite drink: Has to be coffee on the bank

UK PB: 43lb mirror

abdrew battyI'm a northern angler based in Rotherham, South Yorkshire. Fishing has always been in my life for as long as I can remember, starting off maggot drowning on the local canals and working my way through the ranks as we like to call it. Being a Yorkshire-based angler, big carp are not so common, but I have managed to bank a few to over 40lbs.
Most of my fishing at the moment is done on Yorkshire syndicates and the odd day ticket lake, with the occasional trip south now and then.
My favourite style of fishing is on big pit lakes where location is the key, although most of my angling lately tends to be on small but tricky lakes.

Favourite Rig Marole product: Hydrolink, just because it's really durable in most situations and have 100% confidence in it if it comes into contact with any snags.

My 2015 goals: are to catch my first 40lbs+ common.

Les Bowers, 44

Occupation Rig Marole Consultant Manager

My favourite drink is Jack Daniels honey.

My pb mirror in UK is 45.12
My pb common in UK is 43.12

les bowersI've fished since the age of 4 years old, catching anything that swam up until I was 18. Then it was just carp with the odd day perch fishing. I've been in the industry for over 20 years and seen it all change. From not being able to find what your after, to being spoilt for choice.
I lived in Paris for a period and loved it. Catching many big carp from the public waters and rivers.
Now I'm fishing at the famous Frimley Pit 3 since the end of October 2014. Loving the venue and syndicate, the fish are stunning examples too.
My favourite Rig Marole products are, Skinfull Brown, Hydrolink Grey, Specimon in 8lb, Freefall lead clips, Hunchbax hooks in size 6 and bore rings.

My aim this year is to have a 30plus fully scaled carp.



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