Dan Burke

My dad started my interest in fishing, from the age I could hold a rod, I was hooked! Aged 10 I got my first bite alarm & the bug for carp fishing started. I started fishing Tilgate park in Crawley about 4 years later. In my first season I banked my first proper carp - the Perfect Linear at 18lb. A few years later I had the Big Leather & decided to move on. A real turning point in my fishing was 10 years ago when I started fishing a local syndicate. It was here I started targeting individual carp I wanted to catch. Around this time I also found Rigmarole. To start with I was using just a few bits & pieces that worked well for me. Their unique products suit my style of angling & targeting specific carp. You have to have the upmost confidence in your end tackle & that’s what keeps me glued to Rigmaroles gear. It’s difficult to say what my favourite product is as all the components I use I couldn’t be with out now! But if I had to choose it would be the free fall tubing in conjunction with Hydro link. For me there’s nothing on the market that compares. My fishing time is limited having a young family & working Shifts but on average I get in around 2/3 nights a month. The restriction on my time hasn’t stopped me banking some amazing fish over the past few years. I’ve had 22 30s from 9 different waters & 2 40s. Waters ranging from small ponds to 70 acre gravel pits. I’m looking forward to meeting like minded anglers in the team & working on some ideas I have.

Personal Bests; UK Mirror 47lb Common 36lb - Overseas Mirror 76lb 8oz Common - 41lb 8oz

James Savage

It all started for me at the age of 12 where I had a crabbing line from a trip to Somerset visiting an auntie, which I took down the local river in Milton Keynes with some friends to try catch some fish. After digging up some worms it wasn’t long before I’d landed my first fish! A lovely little perch..and that was it for me, I was more hooked than the fish! After getting some fishing gear for birthdays etc I’d began my journey into the wonderful world of fishing.. and it wasn’t long before a carp was caught and the addiction began..later down the line I had my first carp set up and I was learning with every trip, I hadn’t had anyone in my family that I went fishing with so everything learnt early on was self taught between me and my mate Bradley..mostly taught through mistakes! As the years went by the passion grew and my own personal version of carp fishing was formed, i always felt myself wanting to be out in the wild, with nature having some alarms screaming and the adrenaline pumping! So here I am today, fishing with a passionate company such as Rig Marole trying to push my own personal limits and learn more and more! I’ve worked within the industry and I also have my own YouTube channel as well as maintaining the Rig Marole channel. So here’s to the future and also to Finely Tuned Tackle.