Ben Pattenden (Media Manager)

I’ve been fishing since I was around 12/13 years old. I started off on rivers, little ponds then moved on to lakes and got the carp bug. I’ve been solely carp fishing since I was 15 and never looked back. I had to learn everything off my own back as no one in my family fishes, so magazines, books and the odd Fishing channel. I would always have my tackle box at hand trying new things. This is when I started using Rig Marole after going to one of the shows and seeing what they had to offer. I went onto easy day tickets at the start then progressed to harder ones. I then joined clubs became a junior bailiff for one club that I spent a lot of time on. I learnt a lot from doing it this way as from starting off getting lots of small fish to gradually getting amongst the bigger ones I had to adapt my fishing style, rigs , Venus ect. I really enjoyed being a bailiff and helping out the younger lads as I never had anyone to show me at the start so I wanted to pass on what I’d learnt over the years to give them a start. I joined another local club that I’m currently on now. I started on the small lake then progressed to the bigger one with a few special ones. This is where I do the majority of my fishing in the uk.

As of 2017 Ive just started to go to France every year with a group of lads from the local pub, so I always look forward to seeing what gets booked and the adventure.

Personal Bests: Mirror 45lb.6oz, Common 33lb 3oz,

Overseas : Mirror 42lb Common 37lb

Mike Madeley

"Ive been fishing for around 20 years,started on the river Nene catching eels and roach ect..Im a member of the BCSG (British Carp Study Group) which is something im proud off. I fish all over the country,as i like to visit various venues and take on the challenges they present.

My most memorable catch was Swanny from Elsons lake,and being ex Army im involved with Carping4heroes.

Personal Bests: Common 41lb 2oz, Mirror 33lb 6oz

Overseas 40lb 2oz Mirror

Richard Austin

One of my most memorable catches not just because it's my Overseas PB at 69lb 2oz but because of how hard I had to work to catch it, it's a fish named 'Mason' & is the lake record at the challenging Lac Des Lesmont. I baited a margin swim 50 yards away daily where the water hits 23ft in depth, on the 5th day with around 20kg of boilie & particle in the area it tore off - the ensuing battle & arm wrenching fight is one I will never forget I was shattered & the adrenaline was pumping what a beast to hold.

I love to fish many types of waters at home here in the UK and Abroad with a French trip a couple of times a year. My 6yr old daughter Scarlett is following in my foot steps and is often found on the bank with me learning all aspects of angling like my father did with me. This makes me very proud to see her improving every trip - after all this is the next generation.

Personal Bests: Common 34lb 5oz Mirror 34lb 6oz, Overseas 69lb 2oz Mirror

Matt England

I'm 30 years of age and a business owner from Essex. I've been fishing ever since I was a small child, starting out over park lakes float fishing, until I was introduced to carp fishing around the age of 10 where I have not looked back since. After several successful trips to France through my teens fishing various lakes, I now concentrate my fishing in England. I do most of my fishing at ' White Lakes ' in Maylandsea, Essex which is owned by a close family member which stock a good head of fish, of which my current UK PB of 35lb is currently held. A common known as 'Double Belly'. I'm also pleased to be apart of the Black Lagoon Fishery which is where I will split my time this season fishing in search of some old scaily warriors.

Personal Bests: Common 35lb 8oz, Mirror 32lb 6oz

Overseas: 47lb 5oz Mirror